Watertown is an inclusive and sustainable city that has vibrant neighborhoods, a mix of new development and rejuvenated traditional commercial districts, and that embraces the Charles River. Watertown continues to foster and strengthen community, anchored by a built environment with diverse institutions, high quality schools, celebrated arts and cultural amenities, and recreational facilities that each foster connections important to the community.

Highly anticipating the rebuild of Watertown High School. It will be the second school in the United States to achieve both Net Zero Energy and LEED 4.0 Platinum Certification

Welcome to Watertown

Once an overlooked community that has since blossomed into a bustling, up-and-coming area thanks to new construction, businesses, and convenient access to Boston and Cambridge

Surrounding communities often overshadow Watertown, but thanks to new businesses and construction, the town has started to evolve into a fascinating, up-and-coming neighborhood. Today, Watertown is a bustling, hidden gem and commuter town conveniently located near Boston, Cambridge, and the I90. Besides its excellent location, Watertown offers a fantastic assortment of restaurants and shops.

Paired with the scenic Charles River and Mount Auburn Cemetery, Watertown has emerged as a charming, idyllic place to live. Unlike neighboring communities, it’s a more affordable place to live. Along with its increased growth attracting young professionals, Watertown boasts a tight-knit and diverse community with many Armenian, Greek, and Italian families calling the area home.

What to Love

  • Easy access to Boston
  • Hidden gem
  • Fast-developing
  • Diverse community
  • Unique eateries
  • Organic farmers markets

People & Lifestyle

Watertown offers a fantastic mix of suburban life with urban amenities and access to the big cities. New construction and increased businesses have attracted young professionals and made the community a great place to retire. There is a fantastic sense of togetherness, diversity, and inviting public places. Not only is it a welcoming place to live, but many of its restaurants are also family-owned mom-and-pop establishments. 

Public transportation is reliable and convenient, making it fast and straightforward to get around and take a quick trip to Boston. Those who work in Boston or Cambridge enjoy being able to call the residential town of Watertown home since they benefit from the city being so close while still having a house with a yard!

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

In Watertown, many restaurants are closed on Sundays. Locals like to say that what Watertown lacks in nightlife, it makes up for in brunch places. Residents often frequent Deluxe Town Diner, Sofra, Uncommon Grounds, and Tresca’s Eating Place—which looks like a Wes Anderson movie set! 

There are lots of other tasty eateries and specialty shops in town, such as those listed below:

Housed in a former train car, La Bodega serves elevated Latin cuisine that largely draws inspiration from Uruguayan and Spanish Basque cooking.

Dine on grilled Persian dishes and kebabs at Roksana's Persian Food, a casual takeout eatery.

If you like happy hour specials and comfort food, try Greg’s Restaurant. Serving American classics like steak and Italian favorites in a homey space, Greg’s is a Watertown staple. Along those lines, Branch Line is a popular local rotisserie and wood-fired grill serving beer and wine. Outdoor bocce and patio seating are available year-round. 

Outside of Armenia, The Armenian Museum in Watertown has the most extensive and diverse collection of Armenian artifacts in the world. Spending a few hours perusing the exhibits is a great way to learn about the local culture.

Things to Do

Located on the Cambridge line, Mount Auburn Cemetery is a sacred, reverent place of remembrance. Many visit the area to mourn or seek solace.

The Watertown Riverfront Park has a gorgeous trail that traverses along the Charles River. Visitors can enjoy this accessible riverfront park, which offers bike and pedestrian paths and river overlooks. Those with sight impairments can travel along the Braille Trail through the woods or visit the Mitch Ryerson sensory garden.

Golf fans will want to join the private Oakley Country Club. Along with an immaculately landscaped golf course, the Oakley Country Club offers a stunning view of the Boston skyline.

Celebrate Armenian culture during the annual Armenian Festival. Along with a celebration of Armenian food at booths and vendors, the festival has children’s activities, a silent auction, and raffles.

Another special annual festival is the Faire On The Square, a celebration of the Watertown community. Each year offers exhibitors, food trucks, live music, street performers, bounce houses, rides, and tons of other activities!


Public schools in Watertown are under the Watertown School District, which operates three elementary schools, Watertown Middle School, and Watertown High School.

Several private schools serve the district as well:

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